E-E (Евгений Козлов)

E-E (Evgenij Kozlov)

КИНО «Начальник КАМЧАТКИ» - KINO "Natchalnik Kamtchatki"

Anatoly Azanov or unknown
CD cover of KINO "Natchalnik Kamtchatki", offset print on paper, 12.5 x 14.3 cm, 1998

The LP "Natchalnik Kamtchatki" by KINO was reedited as a CD by Moroz Records in 1998. The front Cover of the CD shows Viktor Tsoy, the singer of the band, holding the LP cover made for the original release in 1984. This cover was created by Evgenij Kozlov as a photo collage in a very graphic style. However, in 1984 the album was published with a different cover, not by Kozlov, although copying his design.

Text: Hannelore Fobo, 2007